Genome Engineering Services Awarded to Children’s Discovery Institute Investigators

The CDI award will support:

  • Subsidies for usage of GEiC and hESC services for current CDI grant
    • WUSTL GEiC Services
      • ¬†Isolation and banking of somatic cells (fibroblasts and renal epithelial cells) from patient samples
      • Generation and characterization of patient-derived iPSCs
      • Banking of hESC/iPSC lines
      • Genome editing to correct genetic defects and/or to study functions of human genes
      • Genome editing of other cells
      • Genome editing to create disease models using mice and other organisms
      • Development of differentiation protocols for selected cell types for disease modeling (in collaboration)
  • Educational and training activities
  • Pilot grant program (up to $7,500) to support preliminary studies on hPSC for potential CDI projects.

Follow the link below for details and project approval forms.

Children’s Discovery Institute Award